Phase 3
Phase 3 features 2-room and 4-room apartments with modern partitions and generous areas. They will be delivered in 2024. Choose the perfect apartment for you.
Phase 3
2 rooms apartment
2 rooms apartment
Starting from 160.000 € + VAT
53,41 m2
Model 5406
2 rooms apartment
Starting from 147.000 € + VAT
52,67 m2
Model 6135
2 rooms apartment
Starting from 158.000 € + VAT
53,54 m2
Model 6177
2 rooms apartment
Starting from 163.000 € + VAT
56,9 m2
Model 5709
4 rooms apartment
4 rooms apartment
Starting from 402.000 € + VAT
121,69 m2
Model 4 rooms
Behind every wall and every architectural detail hides a clearly defined mission, that of building a home where peace and comfort become a reality for every resident.
air conditioning
with possibility
of individual
temperature adjustment
Schüco PVC
floating floor
in balconies
heating agent
produced through
a central heating
system and
individually metered
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    2 rooms apartment4 rooms apartment

    We approach each transaction individually, paying attention to details and specific needs. We work with numerous technical variables and essential details in order to offer the desired solution, making a significant impact on the lives of our clients.