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Located in one of the most beautiful and complex area of Bucharest, Arcadia Apartments Domenii is the place which always gives you a good state of mind, putting at your disposal all your family needs: green, airy and quiet spaces, quick and easy access to Capitals’ business poles and to points of interest, public transportation vehicles, kindergardens, schools, parks, hypermarkets and restaurants in nearby vecinity.

  • 3 MINUTES – Grivița Subway Station
  • 10 MINUTES – Domenii Market
  • 15 MINUTES – Herăstrău Park
  • 5-10 MINUTES – by car to Victoriei Square
  • 15 MINUTES – by car to Floreasca/Barbu Văcărescu Commercial and Business Area

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Arcadia Apartments Domenii is surrounded by many green spaces and houses built in the inter-war period, which contour a bohemian atmosphere. Here is always a pleasure to simply walk on the quiet streets of Domenii, admiring the houses with a special architecture. For that matter, all the facilities, from subway station to restaurants and coffee shops, are at a walking distance of 5-15 minutes. At a same distance there are kindergartens, schools and spaces where workshops for children are organised.

From Arcadia Apartments Domenii you can rapidly get to the office area in Floreasca-Barbu Văcărescu, to the offices, restaurants and museums from Victoriei, select coffee shops and restaurants in Kiseleff-Aviatorilor, Arch of Triumph or in Herăstrău Park, the greatest park in Bucharest.  All the interest points are right beside you, so you can have more time for the activities you enjoy and more time for your family!

Living in Arcadia Apartments Domenii, you can enjoy daily the area’s beauty and you have the guarantee that the area will remain unchanged. Being an area with so much history, built in the inter-war period for Bucharest’s elite, Domenii has a maximum level of protection, The City Hall spending much money for its protection. This is why Domenii is one of the most well-preserved areas of the Bucharest.

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